About Adult Pinatas .com.

AdultPinatas.com has invented a more repeatable manufacturing process to ensure that each piñata looks right. Other manufacturers ship a variety of shapes and sizes of piñatas based loosely on a design. AdultPinatas.com makes their piñatas in customize plastic molds to ensure a high quality product. When you order from AdultPinatas.com you can be sure that you will receive the product pictured in your catalog. Our precision process makes the same piñata every time.AdultPinatas.com piñatas are made in the USA in Hazel Park, Michigan.

For years, the #1 question asked of us was “Do you have an African American Pinata?”. Unfortunately, we could not find one. We even tried to paint a white piñata to make it look ethnic. In early 2005 we decided to correct all of the problems with existing penis piñatas. We have developed new piñatas and a new piñata manufacturing method. The result is the best piñatas in the adult industry. These piñatas are economically made in the United States and are available in wholesale quantities. These piñatas are also available in retail locations including Bachelorette.com.

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