Here is our current selection of adult pinatas.

Our Pre-filled Caucasian Penis Pinata

18 inches long, contains 12 blow pops, 12 mints or bubble gum pieces, One penis lollipop prize and special confetti. Suggested Retail Price $39.99.

Our Caucasian Penis Pinata - Shipped Empty

A full 18 inches in length, this provocative pinata is strong enough to require a direct hit. This is no child's pinata. Suggested Retail Price $29.99

The African American Penis Pinata - Prefilled

Filled during the manufacturing process, this pinata contains 12 blow pops, 12 mints, and even a penis lollipop grand prize. Festive sizzle-pack complements the contents and keeps them safe during the shipping process. 18 inches long. Suggested Retail Price: $34.99.

The Black Penis Pinata

The world's first African-American penis pinata. We use a sepcial paste-blend to prevent an ashy appearance. This pinata is not charcoal black, but two complementary shades of chocolatey brown. 18 inches long. Suggested retail price $29.99.

Custom Pinata Designs

Do you need a custom-designed adult pinata? We can make you a custom made pinata as well. Prices start at $35 for an 18 inch pinata. More complex shapes can be difficult to form so the price will increase if the size or complexity of the pinata is an issue. Please follow the contact us link below and allow us 7 days to create your custom-made adult pinata.

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